A1.4 The purpose of following professional codes of conduct

Qualification: T Level Technical Qualification in Health
Unit: Core
Learning outcome: A1: Working within the health and science sector
Assessment criteria: A1.4 The purpose of following professional codes of conduct

  • Professional codes of conduct describe the attitudes and behaviours that members of a particular healthcare profession should have and demonstrate
  • All professionals must abide by their profession’s code of conduct to ensure that they meet professional standards and best practices
  • As well as ensuring high standards of healthcare, professional codes of conduct contribute toward public confidence
  • Examples of professional bodies that produce codes of conduct include:
    • The Nursing & Midwifery Council
    • The Royal College of Nursing
    • The Health & Care Professions Council
    • British Association of Social Workers
  • Some professions (e.g. nursing) require registration with their professional body to be able to practice legally – breaching the code of conduct can result in them being struck from the register and unable to work

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