Danielle Pertwee BSc (hons)

Hi, I’m Danielle Pertwee, a qualified assessor for health, social care and childcare qualifications.

I made this website to give my students access to the important principles they need to know to complete their qualifications successfully.

This is provided in easy-to-digest bullet-point format because I have found through my experience that bitesize chunks of information aid learning and understanding.

The aim of this website is not to provide students with answers but to give them pointers to guide them to find the information for themselves, learn their vocation and reflect on how principles relate to their own practice.

I would love to receive your feedback about how I could make this website better. You can email me at info@studybullets.co.uk.

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Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes the StudyBullets could be improved. Some StudyBullets have not yet been started. Let me know what you need and how I could do better here.

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