⇒ Manager Induction Standards ⇒ Standard 9: Manage self

Standard 9: Manage self

This unit is part of the Manager Induction Standards and has the following learning outcomes and assessment criteria:

  1. 9.1. Self-awareness
    1. 9.1.1. Explain how own values, belief systems and experiences can affect working practices
    2. 9.1.2. Describe how own emotions can affect behaviour of self and impact on others
    3. 9.1.3. Identify how own actions and behaviours affect the behaviour of others
    4. 9.1.4. Identify sources to obtain feedback about own values, behaviours and actions
  2. 9.2. Managing own behaviour
    1. 9.2.1. Identify how to ensure own actions reflect a high standard of personal integrity
    2. 9.2.2. Identify strategies for managing own emotions when interacting with others
    3. 9.2.3. Describe how to adapt own communication in response to feelings and communication of others
  3. 9.3. Management of own workload
    1. 9.3.1. Describe strategies and tools that can be used to identify own priorities for work
    2. 9.3.2. Describe strategies and tools to reduce stress levels, to build own resilience and to support own wellbeing whilst meeting responsibilities of role
    3. 9.3.3. Identify when and how to delegate responsibilities to others
  4. 9.4. Own personal development
    1. 9.4.1. Explain how to identify own areas for further development
    2. 9.4.2. Explain tools and strategies that might be adopted for own personal learning
    3. 9.4.3. Describe how digital technology can be used to enhance own efficiency
    4. 9.4.4. Explain how you will measure the impact of own learning undertaken
  5. 9.5. How to champion the vision of the organisation
    1. 9.5.1. Explain the importance of a shared vision within your staff team and how to promote that
    2. 9.5.2. Explain how own words and actions, both formally and informally, can demonstrate personal passion for the vision of the organisation
    3. 9.5.3. Describe how to challenge views, actions, systems and routines that do not match the vision

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