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 ⇒ Manager Induction Standards ⇒ Standard: 11 Entrepreneurial skills and innovation

Standard: 11 Entrepreneurial skills and innovation

This unit is part of the Manager Induction Standards and has the following learning outcomes and assessment criteria:

  1. 11.1. Wider market of social care provision
    1. 11.1.1. Describe the relationship between the current market and service provision within your setting
    2. 11.1.2. Describe how to use data and information to work with others to identify innovative ways of growth in your setting to meet the wider market
    3. 11.1.3. Identify ways of sustaining any growth and development in your market provision
  2. 11.2. Entrepreneurial aspects
    1. 11.2.1. Explain how to set up processes that will help you to spot new trends in social care and to evaluate how these might be incorporated into your business.
    2. 11.2.2. Explain how your current networks can support development of the business
    3. 11.2.3. Explain how to create an entrepreneurial culture in your organisation
    4. 11.2.4. Describe how to develop a sustainable plan for business development or redesign
  3. 11.3. Importance of vision
    1. 11.3.1. Explain how a vision for the organisation is crucial in driving quality and in sustaining service delivery
    2. 11.3.2. Explain how engagement with key influencers, including people who need care and support and their relatives can shape vision development and effectiveness
  4. 11.4. Change management
    1. 11.4.1. Identify the changing nature of adult social care and the impact of current developments on your role as a manager
    2. 11.4.2. Describe the importance of working with others in the effectiveness of managing change processes
    3. 11.4.3. Explain how to evaluate and review the impact of changes that have been introduced

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