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Standard 10: Decision making

This unit is part of the Manager Induction Standards and has the following learning outcomes and assessment criteria:

  1. 10.1. Purpose and process of decision making
    1. 10.1.1. Identify situations where decision making may be required
    2. 10.1.2. Explain key stages in a decision making process whether formal or informal 10.1.3 Explain how to research information to be used to inform and influence decision making
    3. 10.1.4. Identify sources of information that can be used to inform and influence decision making
  2. 10.2. Making decisions
    1. 10.2.1. Explain the different meanings of ‘data, ’information’ and ‘intelligence’ and how each contributes to decision making
    2. 10.2.2. Explain the purpose and benefits of gathering and respecting other people’s contributions to the decision making process, including those people who need support, their families and carers
    3. 10.2.3. Explain how to be proactive and engage with colleagues during the decision making process
    4. 10.2.4. Explain how to review information provided in order to make a decision
    5. 10.2.5. Explain how to structure evidence, ideas and recommendations to maximise their effectiveness
  3. 10.3. Communication when making decisions
    1. 10.3.1. Understand how to present rationale and conclusions to others using accurate and current information
    2. 10.3.2. Identify a range of stakeholders to whom the decision may need to be communicated
    3. 10.3.3. Listen to other people’s feedback and record for future evaluation
  4. 10.4. Reviewing decision making process
    1. 10.4.1. Explain how to review the decision-making process and to assess contributions made to the decision making process
    2. 10.4.2. Explain how to monitor the effects of decisions and identify learning points

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