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 ⇒ Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care ⇒ Level 3 Diploma Optional Units ⇒ Unit 390 Supporting individuals to manage their behaviour

Unit 390 Supporting individuals to manage their behaviour

This unit is one of the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care Optional Units and has the following learning outcomes and assessment criteria:

  1. 1 Understand that behaviour happens for a reason and may be linked to an unmet need
    1. 1.1 Explain how unmet need can result in 1.1 A behaviour that challenges 1.1 B distressed behaviour
    2. 1.2 Analyse the relationship between behaviour that challenges/distressed behaviours and the environment them.
  2. 2 Understand potential reasons why individuals may develop behaviour that challenges
    1. 2.1 Describe potential reasons why individuals develop behaviour that challenges/distressed behaviours
    2. 2.2 Analyse the factors that increase the risk of people developing behaviours that challenge
  3. 3 Be able to respond in a trauma informed way
    1. 3.1 Explain how trauma may impact on well-being and behaviour
    2. 3.2 Outline the principles of trauma informed support
    3. 3.3 Use trauma informed practice to help an individual to regulate their emotions
    4. 3.4 Enable colleagues to work in a trauma informed way
  4. 4 Be able to provide a capable environment to meet individual needs
    1. 4.1 Describe the components of a capable environment
    2. 4.2 Explain how a capable environment lowers the risk of behaviours that challenge occurring
    3. 4.3 Demonstrate how to make reasonable adjustments to the environment to better meet the needs of an individual
  5. 5 Be able to use low arousal approaches appropriately
    1. 5.1 Describe a range of low arousal approaches
    2. 5.2 Demonstrate the appropriate use of low arousal approaches
    3. 5.3 Enable colleagues to use low arousal approaches appropriately
  6. 6 Understand the appropriate use of restrictive practices
    1. 6.1 Outline what is meant by ‘restrictive practice’
    2. 6.2 Describe a range of restrictive practices
    3. 6.3 Explain the potential effects of restrictive practice on individuals.
    4. 6.4 Describe the legal and national requirements in relation to restrictive practice
    5. 6.5 Describe actions to take if restrictive practice is used inappropriately
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