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 ⇒ Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care ⇒ Level 3 Diploma Optional Units ⇒ Unit 319 Understand person-centred thinking and planning ⇒ 5.7 Demonstrate a successful person-centred review

5.7 Demonstrate a successful person-centred review

Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care Optional Units
Unit: Unit 319 Understand person-centred thinking and planning
Learning outcome: 5 Be able to implement person-centred thinking, planning and reviews
Assessment criteria: 5.7 Demonstrate a successful person-centred review

  • Preparation:
    • Schedule the Review Meeting: Arrange a convenient time and location for the review meeting, ensuring all relevant parties can attend.
    • Gather Information: Collect relevant documents, such as the individual’s current support plan, progress reports, and any feedback or concerns raised by the individual or their support network.
  • Review Meeting:
    • Welcome and Introduction:
      • Start the meeting by welcoming everyone and introducing the purpose of the review.
      • Establish a relaxed and respectful atmosphere to encourage open communication.
    • Review Progress and Achievements:
      • Discuss the individual’s progress towards their goals since the last review.
      • Celebrate achievements and successes, acknowledging the individual’s efforts and accomplishments.
    • Explore Challenges and Concerns:
      • Encourage the individual to share any challenges or difficulties they have encountered.
      • Listen actively and empathetically, validating their experiences and feelings.
    • Update Support Needs:
      • Review the individual’s support needs and determine if any adjustments or additional support are required.
      • Consider changes in circumstances or preferences that may impact their support requirements.
    • Reflect on Person-Centred Principles:
      • Reflect on how well the support provided aligns with person-centred principles, such as choice, autonomy, and dignity.
      • Discuss any areas where improvements can be made to ensure the individual’s needs and preferences remain at the forefront of their support.
    • Set Goals and Action Plan:
      • Collaboratively set new goals and objectives for the upcoming period based on the individual’s aspirations and priorities.
      • Break down larger goals into smaller, achievable steps, ensuring they are realistic and relevant to the individual’s aspirations.
    • Agree on Support Plan:
      • Finalise the support plan, outlining specific actions, responsibilities, and timelines.
      • Ensure everyone involved understands their roles and commitments in supporting the individual.
  • Post-Meeting Follow-Up:
    • Document the Review:
      • Record the outcomes of the review meeting, including agreed goals, actions, and support plan updates.
      • Share the documented review with all relevant parties for reference.
    • Monitor Progress:
      • Regularly monitor the individual’s progress towards their goals and review the support plan as needed.
      • Schedule follow-up meetings to discuss any changes or adjustments required.
    • Provide Support and Encouragement:
      • Offer ongoing support and encouragement to the individual as they work towards their goals.
      • Ensure they feel empowered and supported in their journey.
  • By following this structured approach, a successful person-centred review can be conducted, ensuring that the individual’s needs, aspirations, and preferences remain central throughout the process.

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